Beni Hassan, Volume VI. The Tomb of Khety

Naguib Kanawati & Linda Evans

The tomb of Khety, governor of the Sixteenth Upper Egyptian province, is one of the largest and best preserved at Beni Hassan. It has recently been re-excavated and re-recorded by the Australian Centre for Egyptology. The present volume provides a detailed description of the tomb’s architectural features and wall scenes, as well as a translation of all inscriptions. Many of the depicted themes are of special significance; they including an unusual representation of the marshes with rare methods of fishing recorded and where pigs are illustrated. Other scenes show the desert hunt, bird trapping, games played by young men and women, barbers at work, different industries including textile and wine making, agricultural pursuits and animal husbandry. Special emphasis was also given to wrestling and war scenes which occupy the full east wall facing the entrance to the chapel. A full report is provided for the skeletal remains of Khety, and probably his son, who were discovered in their burial chambers. Dated to the end of the Eleventh Dynasty, the tomb of Khety is an essential source for the study of this important period of Egyptian history.

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Imprint: Abercromby Press

ISBN: 978 1 912246 08 3

Pages: 65 pp. + 80 colour plates + 32 fold-out line drawings

Format: Softback

Published: 11/1/2020

Copyright: 2020