La violence interpersonnelle en Égypte au Nouvel Empire et à l’époque gréco-romaine

Christine Hue-Arcé

This work presents a study of physical interpersonal violence in New Kingdom and Greco-Roman Egypt, based on the documentary texts of the workmen’s village of Deir el-Medina and the Demotic documentary evidence, supplemented by Late Egyptian and Demotic literature. Through a comparative approach, the author questions the most relevant way of defining and studying this social phenomenon for ancient Egypt. Through the analysis of the mechanisms of expression and resolution of interpersonal violence, as well as case studies on the protagonists of violent conflicts, this study highlights the characteristics and similarities of the expression and regulation of interpersonal violence during the New Kingdom and the Graco-Roman era, offering an approach that provides a focus on the continuities of sociology over the fluctuations of politics.

Christine Hue-Arcé has held a PhD in Egyptology from the University of Strasbourg since 2015, and is an associate member of UMR 7044 – Archimède. A teaching assistant at the Faculty of Historical Sciences in Strasbourg, her research centres on the social history of New Kingdom Egypt and the Greco-Roman era, with a particular focus on the family as the cornerstone of ancient Egyptian society, as well as the place of women in their kinship networks.

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Published: 4/4/2020

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