Late Ramesside Royal Statuary

Simone Burger Robin

The late Ramesside period is often overlooked in favor of the scores of objects produced during the earlier parts of the New Kingdom and the succeeding Third Intermediate Period. These objects have often been neglected or given little academic attention due to the problematic understanding of the reigns of the last kings of the New Kingdom and the changes that Egypt underwent during the subsequent Third Intermediate Period. For the first time, this catalogue comprises all known examples of royal, three-dimensional statuary, including complete statues, statue fragments and statue bases, collected and studied in terms of provenance, material, inscription and stylistic analysis. Additionally, there are chapters on statues no longer considered late Ramesside and royal shabtis, as well as an introductory essay on the history of the late Ramesside Period. This catalogue brings together these objects in a cohesive volume intended for a wide spectrum of users, including Late New Kingdom specialists, art historians and general Egyptologists.

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Imprint: Abercromby Press

ISBN: 978 1 912246 04 5

Pages: xiv + 145 pp.

Format: Hardback

Published: 9/14/2019

Copyright: 2019