Ramesside Inscriptions: Historical and Biographical. Volume IX

Joshua A. Roberson

The present, ninth volume of Ramesside Inscriptions, compiled and edited by Dr. Joshua A. Roberson, collects Hieratic and Hieroglyphic documents of historical and biographical interest, which have been published since 1989, when the final text volume of Kenneth Kitchen’s Ramesside Inscriptions: Historical and Biographical series first appeared. The 385 texts anthologized in this new collection are presented in Hieroglyphic transcription, typeset digitally with internal and external line numbers for easy reference, primary bibliography, and select philological and palaeographic notes. The content of this material spans the full chronological range of the Ramesside Period, from Ramesses I through Ramesses XI. The subject matter is heterogeneous, including documents relating to local administration, state-sponsored construction, execution of criminals, military actions, and the accession and death of kings, among others. A series of indices, including object numbers, toponyms, ethnonyms, private names, private titles, posthumous royal names, and divine names, round out the volume and increase its utility as a tool for research.

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Imprint: Abercromby Press

ISBN: 978 0 9930920 9 1

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Format: Hardback

Published: 3/24/2018

Copyright: 2018