Ramesside Inscriptions. Translated & Annotated. Notes & Comments, Volume I

K. A. Kitchen

This book is the necessary concomitant to the first volume of the hieroglyphic edition of Ramesside Inscriptions (KRI, I) and its companion set of translations (RITA, I), covering the reigns of Ramesses I (c.1295–1294 bc) and his son and successor Sethos I (c.1294–1279 bc). For each text published in KRI, I, there is a strictly corresponding Section (identically numbered and described) in this volume. Each such Section contains always two parts, and a third when needed. First (a) a basic (not exhaustive) bibliography; second (b) ‘general notes’ which are intended for a wide audience of scholars, students and informed layfolk, not solely for professional Egyptologists; third, when appropriate (c) ‘special comments’ which follow up on more technical details, mainly of interest to fellow Egyptologists (though not always exclusively). Arranged by category, this volume covers foreign wars and diplomacy (esp. dated), then internal affairs (dated documents, special topics or groups), a geographical series of royal monuments (from north to south), the principal documents of the reign (papryi, ostraca, letters, legal documents, and the like), in addition to further inscriptions pertaining to the royal family. A further twenty-eight categories are devoted to the private monuments of the principal administrators of the Empire, along with the vast store of documentation pertaining to the activities of the royal artisans from the village of Deir el-Medina in western Thebes. First published in 1993 by Blackwell Publishers (Oxford & Cambridge, Mass.), this volume has been entirely re-designed and is issued here for the first time in a handsome softback version.

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Imprint: Abercromby Press

ISBN: 9781912246151

Pages: xxii + 234

Format: Softback

Published: 10/19/2022

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