The Cemetery of Meir V. The Tomb of Wekhhotep III

Naguib Kanawati & Georgia Barker

The tomb of Wekhhotep III (C1) is the last decorated tomb to be excavated in the cemetery of Meir, with a probable date of the Twelfth Dynasty reign of Senwosret II and/or Senwosret III. It has recently been re-excavated and re-recorded by the Australian Centre for Egyptology. The present volume provides a comprehensive record of the tomb’s architectural features and wall scenes, a complete set of colour photographs and detailed line drawings of all of its scenes and inscriptions, as well as a translation and analysis of those inscriptions. The tomb contains a number of unusual features, which include an exceptionally high number of women depicted with the tomb owner, the exclusive representation of women undertaking all activities within the chapel, Wekhhotep’s adoption of several royal prerogatives, and an absence of shafts and burial chamber in the immediate vicinity of the tomb. Wekhhotep did not produce a male heir and the evidence suggests that the rule of his family came to an end with him. His tomb, therefore, provides important insights into the end of the power of nomarchic families during the mid-late Twelfth Dynasty.

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Imprint: Abercromby Press

ISBN: 978 1 912246 12 0

Pages: 57 pp. + 46 colour plates + 24 fold-out line drawings

Format: Softback

Published: 2/10/2022

Copyright: 2022