The Cemetery of Meir, Volume VI. The Tombs of Senbi II and Wekhhotep II

Naguib Kanawati & Georgia Barker

The present volume is devoted to the tombs of Senbi II (B3) and Wekhhotep II (B4), and it forms the final volume in the Australian Centre for Egyptology’s series of reports on the cemetery of Meir. With the publication of these two tombs, all of the major rock-cut tombs from the late Old Kingdom and Middle Kingdom at Meir will have been recorded. The purpose of the ACE’s work at Meir was to achieve a new and complete record of the tombs at the site, including a detailed record of all architectural features, complete sets of colour photographs and line drawings of all scenes and inscriptions, and descriptive texts and analyses. The tombs of Senbi II and Wekhhotep II are located in Section B of the cemetery, which is the main site of the Middle Kingdom tombs at Meir. Senbi II owns the largest yet most incomplete tomb at Meir, and it is clear that preparation of the tomb came to a sudden halt. The only decoration consists of two false doors, one belonging to Senbi II and the other to his wife Mersi III. The tomb of Wekhhotep II is the last and southernmost of the tombs cut in Section B. It is relatively small considering the status of its owner, but its design, with the steps leading to the shrine, gives it an appearance of grandeur. The decoration is mostly achieved in plaster and painting, though it has suffered significant damage as a result of the destruction of most of the roof and the upper parts of the east, south and north walls of the outer room. What remains, however, demonstrates that the decoration was originally of a very high standard.

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Pages: 78 pp. + 52 colour plates + 40 fold-out line drawings

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Published: 2/6/2024

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