The Nobles of El-Qusiya in the Sixth Dynasty

Miral Lashien

Lying in the most fertile region of Upper Egypt, El-Qusiya was a hugely important province during the Old Kingdom. As administrative centre for the vizier, El-Qusiya played a significant role in the politics of the Sixth Dynasty. It possesses some of the best preserved elite tombs of the period, the opulence of which bears testament to the power, influence and affluence of their owners. The two cemeteries of El-Qusiya — Quseir el-Amarna and Meir — have recently been re-excavated and recorded in full by the Australian Centre for Egyptology. This new monograph presents a detailed examination of the archaeological, artistic and inscriptional evidence from these tombs with the aim of establishing more precisely the genealogy, chronology and backgrounds of members of the local nobility. Through a studied analysis of the titles held by the governors of El-Qusiya, Dr Lashien’s book also explores the extent of the involvement of these high officials in both regional and national affairs. Furthermore, considerable attention has been paid to establishing the identity of the elite craftsmen responsible for the decoration of the El-Qusiya tombs and the sources from which they drew their artistic inspiration.

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Published: 5/4/2017

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