The Overseer of Works in Memphis and Thebes. Studies in Honour of Nigel Strudwick

Melanie Pitkin (editor)

This well-merited Festschrift is a celebration of the outstanding career and achievements of Dr Nigel Strudwick. Comprising twenty-five essays from a host of internationally renowned scholars, it focuses chiefly upon Nigel’s main research interests: Old Kingdom administration, the documentation of the monuments of the Theban necropolis during the New Kingdom, ancient tomb robbery, and the use of computers in Egyptology.


Miroslav Bárta: Newly discovered tombs of ‘gracious of arm’ officials from Abusir

Edward Brovarski: Hetep-ni-ptah Hepi, G 7521

Vivienne Gae Callender: An irritating title from the Old Kingdom

Florence Dunn Friedman, with the assistance of Michelle Pisa: Evidence for more statues of Menkaure

Alejandro Jiménez-Serrano: Posthumous administrative promotions in Elephantine in the late Old Kingdom

Naguib Kanawati: The burial of sons within their fathers’ mastabas at Saqqara: shortage of space or filial affection?

Massimiliano Nuzzolo: The false door of Iry — Vatican Museums Inv. No. 22775 — (re)published

Melanie Pitkin, Helen Strudwick, Flavia Ravaioli, Trevor F. Emmett and Matthew Beesley: Re-examining the false door of Hemi-Ra from the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

Joanna Popielska-Grzybowska: How utterance and translation change perception — Hw and sjA in the Pyramid Texts

Karl Seyfried: Kleine Ergänzungen zu Inschriften des Alten Reiches aus den Grabungen Selim Hassan in Giza — Mastabas des KA-m-nfrt und des Nj-[MAa?]t-Raw(?)

M. Helena Trindade Lopes: Remembering Memphis

Hana Vymazalová: Female attendants in the tomb decoration of late Fifth Dynasty Queens

René van Walsem: Statistic ‘facts’ versus Egyptological ‘Feelings’

David A. Aston: Tuthmosis IV — Some thoughts on the presumed reign length

Laurent Bavay: Theban Tomb C.3 and the statue of Amenhotep Cairo JE 99148

Marilina Betrò: Ancient robbery and reuse between the late Eighteenth and the early Nineteenth Dynasty: a view from the tomb MIDAN.05 at Dra Abu el-Naga

Kathlyn M. Cooney: Wood scarcity and tomb robbery: how Deir el-Medina became a centre of coffin production in the Twentieth Dynasty

Ronald J. Leprohon: The self-presentation of the royal butler Djehuty (Theban Tomb 110)

Nicholas Reeves: The phantom ‘Temple of Ankhkheperure in Thebes’

Gay Robins: Birds, blooms and butterflies: creating the ‘natural world’ in Eighteenth Dynasty Theban tomb decoration

John H. Taylor: A tomb discovered at Western Thebes in 1825, and its contents

Emily Teeter: A stela of the family of Sennedjem and the goddess Mut

Christiane Ziegler: A banquet in the tomb of Wensu (TT A4)

Hans van den Berg, Helen Strudwick and Dag Bergman: Pioneering the use of computers in Egyptology (1966–2010)

Heleen Wilbrink: How artificial intelligence can be of service to digital Egyptology

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